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glassGlass-geek started when I became a Google glass Explorer and got involved with the community. I found out that lots of people are creating some really nice accessories and some app developers are going all out.

What makes Glass-geek unique is that there’s nothing really like it just yet; I would love to grow into some sort of store for Google glass, maybe pebble smartwatch and other wearable Tech. Our priority is to help everyone succeed in transforming his or her wearable tech into something more personalized, which can even grow into a business idea.

imageI am fully committed to sharing things that I find interesting in a geek lifestyle; Also recently i myself have been producing a podcast and two different vlog channels for youtube using wearable and mobile tech as creative tools as i travel across the world exploring.Going to to new events to document in audio and video ,trying to change the website not only to things that people within the community are creating and doing but also things that i am doing as well.if you are in the wearable community and would like your stuff shown on this site , get with me.i also have a blog page here if you would like to use it.

We at glass-geek.com will be attending CES 2016 in Las Vegas this year doing our best to find more content and new wearable devices to bring to the table. To see what is coming in the future and to find the people in the community that are going to be creating software and accessories for the upcoming products keep an eye out for updates on things we find you will be the first to hear about it.Look for me on youtube with my almost daily vlogs and also on sound cloud with my almost daily podcast.






First books with all Google glass photos

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