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new year,new dreams

So 2015 is here,full of possibility’s.some dreams came true last year along with lots of great tech.Most of whats new will be shown starting next week at CES,and i could not be more excited, thou it’s only a start.with the new tech there will be new inspirations,dreams, ideas from people like you and me.what willContinue Reading

CES is near

Omg,i am so not happy this ces badge is sitting in Las Vegas and i won’t be there to pick it up.Oh well,LOL I will just be watching from the sidelines this year enjoying all the feeds in socal that will be flooding all of are streams along with a lot of you.planing isContinue Reading

2015 is coming

Its almost a new year,after having google glass for over a year and today marks the one-year anniversary of,i look back on this as one great adventure for sure.It all hasent been rosie with many foil issues and plenty of replacements along with dealing with web developers but it has been a great learningContinue Reading

cold weather is coming.

just a reminder that even thou its still not too bad out weather wise,its smart to try not to take your glass out and in to much without getting the prism about at the same temp your getting ready to explore in,meaning if your in a home or car that is in the 70s andContinue Reading

gearing up for google glass at ces

Starting to work on getting funds up for the big 2015 trip to ces.working on creative ways to get the funds up is a challenge for sure.One way i found was to sell my prints of photos i’ve taken with the glass ,and am slowly starting to show some of my road photos.even if iContinue Reading

is glass R.I.P

So many posts from social has been up over the last week or so,lots in twitter saying r.i.p to glass.Were is this coming from?Maybe because i try not to venture to far from the google glass community to often to see it.but from my eyes its going great,meet ups,bonds being created,its all i missingContinue Reading

winter is coming

they are calling for a big winter this year,should make for some great glass pics but remember…getting out of a warm car to take pics in the cold and getting back in your toasty car can lead to foil issues. what i like to do is cup the prizm in my hand after cold weatherContinue Reading

ces is close

not to much longer to wait,time is getting closer.just starting to look at airlines to see some prices and already contacting the hotels in the city. looks like lots of google glass explorers are going this year,so i wont feel all alone,not that i will anyway,rum and slots will take up alot of my time.Continue Reading

gettin ready for CES2015

time to start thinking about getting the rooms and airlines ready ,so i dont have to rush at the last min.this will be my first year ever going to this event,and im really looking forward to meeting everyone that i can,along with seeing some new cool time gets closer i will become more handsContinue Reading