Welcome To Your Home For Customizing Your Wearable Devices Accessories And Apps!


My goal is to help other businesses that are creating great products for the Google glass community and other wearable tech startups. I will provide the links to some great websites and great people. My goal is to interact actively with other geeks that have an interest in wearable tech. I hope you will enjoy browsing my site; feel free if you are a Google glass Explorer to share photos and hopefully in the near future I will start a photo of the week using glass contests with small prizes such as Starbucks coffee gift cards or something similar.

Whether you want some cool accessories or an app that improves your user experience, we can find that information here freely. We do all the searching and present the links to anyone who has interest in the subject matter. And we don’t have any hidden charges for the service, we just want to help!

Our passion is to help people customize the wearable tech products they buy from different shops to make each product more user-friendly. After all, your wearable tech device should have everything about you in terms of accessories and the applications that are running. For instance, you will find links to sites that sell case skins and to developer sites that make adding text, photos and other media easy and interactive.

Even if you don’t find what you are looking for now, just fill a request form describing what you are looking for, we will do the rest and give you all the links you need. We are always alert to capture information when it is still fresh!

Feel free to contact me anytime either via email, Google Plus or hang outs.