is glass dead.BY Chara kelly

Glass is Not Dead Just the Haters Are still Alive
Glass is Not Dead just the Haters Are Still aliveLong Live the Google Glass. Rumors are that Glass is dead. I won Glass in March 2013 through the Hashtag #IfIhadGlass via Twitter @ExplorerChara. I also won with #IfIhadGlass via Gplus +CharaKelley with the entry “I would be the Queen of Technology. I was only able to purchase one Glass per contest rules. I was so right, Glass made me a Queen of Technology in 5 Continents. I was invited by the Dutch to deliver the first baby #throughGlass ! Istanbul, Turkey invited me to run the first Marathon #ThroughGlass crossing two Continents Asia to Euroupe. I went and join the Revolution #ThroughGlass in Egypt at Tarir Square with Protestors. In London I had the Opportunity to play a Zombie in a movie. Spain invited me to “Run with the Bulls” #ThroughGlass. It’s been an amazing Journey. Google has been so good to me that I decided to start the #GlassFamily in June of 2013. I hope you join me as I will be posting about Glass here. Now time for me to go pack for Google I/O where I was invited by Google Developers for my contributions to Technology! I have a Glassware that went live in the Google Store March 19, 2015

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