podcast or blog?

Soon ,very soon i will possibly have to decide to really start working on blogging or doing a better podcast.With time what it is,,,,,limited,lol its hard to keep up with both.i was trying for a long time to come up with maybe a guest blogger now and then but not to many jumped.Now with are new #glassfamilynetwork soon to be kicking off it seems this is what might really be the way to go,podcasting from wearable and glass explorers.It can be like audio blogging directly from the community.test are going on now to get it ready,and if this works it could free up time and possibly get some explorers out there thinking about putting words down in this blog every so often.Soon CES will be here and i really want to use both formats to spread all the fun that will be going on in las vegas this year,so lets see how it goes. So please keep a eye out here and in social for updates on both formats and i look forward to hearing your thoughts on how its all working once we kick it off.So until next time this is Rick Sare wishing you all a great ,fun and safe work week

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