speach to text ,its my fav tech,kind of

Driving down the road today, looking at all the technology I have at hand in front of me, to the side of me, to the technology I’m working on my face to the technology I’m working on my wrist, thinking to myself what has been the biggest step, the biggest leap in technology in my lifetime?. It really got me thinking. Was it something physical like my phone? My Google glass? My watches? My video game systems my tablets or even the invention of color television when I was a young kid lol. And then it dawned on me what do I use constantly I mean at least every five minutes throughout the day as I’m driving down the road doing probably what I’m not supposed to be doing, lol texting. Texting has grown from touching digits on the cell phone 1 2 3 times to get to certain letters to the modern touch screens and too terrible voice to text with speech to text. And then I thought wow speech to text! That’s it that is probably my favorite invention in my lifetime, no longer do I have to constantly answer the phone I could just text using my voice, get short replies an answer right back. At the beginning speech to text was not perfect heck it’s not even perfect now but, it’s gotten so much better over the years as a matter of fact this entire blog is being done right now with speech to text, with background noise of my tractor trailer, and it’s working fairly well as I bounce down the road dictating this blog. With hot word detection and speech to text this is just the beginning I cannot imagine in the next five years how much better it’s going to be. So so no hold on a second as you could see speech to text is not perfect lol let me start over, by the way this is non edited straight from my mouth to the microphone so I’m sure there’s going to be quite a few mistakes, but the mistakes aren’t that drastic, people could usually understand my text message most of the time sometimes they have to read between the lines which makes for a humorous text and possibly quite a humorous blog I’ll find out when I’m done with this lol. What’s funny to note when you use speech to text quite often and you use things like lol or omg you find yourself saying those out loud in normal conversations. Lol. But to me speech to text has improved my life which is reason enough to make this type of technology number one on my list. Things that improve a person’s life whether it is translating, dictating, or understanding. Speech to text is kind of all three put together and probably the basics in the future for artificial intelligence,. Now with CES 2016 approaching the showroom floors in Las Vegas are going to be piled high with possible new technology that will be entering our lives in the near future, will any of that change my life or better my life as much as speech to text? I don’t know. This type of technology has become something that at least in my profession is something that I would really miss, not only because I can’t type too fast or well, but I can’t type spell anywhere near as fast as this technology has become. That being said I’m really looking forward to what could top this in Las Vegas this year. I’m not going to proof read this like I said I’m going to post it up on my blog, to be ridiculed lol. What technology has changed your life? Let me know within the social feeds I would love to get a list from the general public of what their favorite applications, technology, anything in general that has better their lives other than the usual answers, the television, the microwave oven, the car. So until the next blog update I love you all please keep coming to the website

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