The end of the program

Today is officially the end of the google glass Explorer program. Its been a wild ride for sure,meetups, communities being formed ,friendships being made.Being part of the #glassfamily has made a huge impact on my life.The experiences that were giving to me were incredible, and ther is no way to thank google x enough.Google gave us this great title of Explorer, thou now gone from Google its up to us to carry the torch ,explore more and continue on.its are job now,its in our hands.2015 is the year Google takes are training wheels off.Its up to us not to tip over now and learn to peddle this ride we are on.I cant wait to see what this year brings,its already been great with the release of two great books done with glass by Roxann riskin and one with me on the cover no less. New web sites are coming for the glass community also .There is no slowing down.I hope everyone out there continues on exploring and lives up to the name Google calls us….Explorers.

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