tiss the season

Halloween,Thanksgiving,CES,,,opps,,Christmas,,almost forgot that.Prepping for all this fun is going to be crazy,also are new book…A road less traveled should be out this November just adds to the excitement,,.Can we do it all in time?Who knows,but its going to be fun trying for sure.Today was the last day of prep for ces,air plane tickets booked along with hotel,as i wipe my brow…also done is universals Halloween horror nights,with rooms booked.If anyone is going to be in the Orlando area on the 23,24,25,26,,,get with us on any of the social networks so we can meet up and explore together,Should not have to explore alone,,,,in the dark,,,,..Anyway the busy time is upon us,don’t stress and just enjoy the prep and lets all have a great season of fun.

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